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 “everything we can imagine is real”


My name is Rodrigo Valsamis and I was born and raised in a beautiful country // Greece.

I love being part of dreams that come true..

Marco & Stefani // Sifnos

Back in the days, Marco and Stefani, a young couple from LA visited Sifnos Island for their first Greek holidays.Now after a few years, they decided to get married in the place where the spark of love was born.A mesmerising wedding full of love and happiness.This is the highlight clip from their beautiful wedding day.
Photography: Allredy

Thank you Marco & Stefani

George & Mary // Spetses

George and Mary is a couple from Greece, they are crazy in love and decided to get married in Spetses island, a breathtaking island with elegance and tradition.
A mixture of friends and family, summer vibes and a lot of music.
Wedding planned by: I wish chic events
Photography: Capture Moments

Thank you George & Mary

Antonis & Natalia // TINOS

Antonis and Natalia, a traditional greek wedding mixed with elegance, party and lots of love.
The wedding took place at the muse of Aegean sea “Tinos island” were all of the guests partied to celebrate the bond between Antonis and Natalia.
Wedding planned by: La fete
Photography: Myrto Panteloglou

Thank you Antonis & Natalia

Destination Nowhere


“Euphoria is the feeling you have when you are in the water, but especially when you get out of there. It is something you can only understand if you live it. Within the water stop the thoughts and information that bombard us everyday and focus on something you love. So, empty our minds from all these unnecessary things and activate dopamine, also known as the “hormone of happiness” that brings you satisfaction, pleasure and euphoria.”

Based in Greece

Traveling Worldwide



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